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Our Local Storage Includes Free Move-In Truck


 Moving valuables to a storage facility is not always simple. Large items such as furniture may be too large for your vehicle. Even smaller boxes may require multiple trips at a time. Many people resort to a truck rental in order to make the move. Secure Storage offers a free rental for any one of our customers  who need a truck.

If you need a truck rental to help move your valuables to our storage location, save money with Secure Storage. We understand that moving can be such a hassle. If you choose our storage units in Ashland for your storage needs, we offer a free, complimentary move-in truck at your convenience.

Our Ashland location offers a moving truck for use to move valuables to and from your unit rental. No need to rent a third-party truck or hire a driver when you can do it yourself for free! All we request is that you refuel and rinse-off the move-in truck upon return. 

Secure Storage is dedicated to helping our customers have the best possible storage experience. We are here to help make your life changes easier and go smoother. Our free moving truck is just one more way we are happy to help.​

 Why wait? Contact our residential manager to schedule your move-in day today!