Secure Storage in Ashland, OR
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Secure Storage Means Exactly That

ashland-secure-storage-security.jpgOnce customers learn about our impressive security measures, they don’t feel the need to shop around. In fact, many immediately sign-up for our safe self-storage right after a tour knowing our Secure Storage measures will keep their belongings safe.

Besides our Ashland storage facility being well-lite and providing a high fence along its perimeter, we offer the following features for added safe storage:

  • Video surveillance cameras that run 24/7 to pinpoint any unusual disturbances.
  • On-site managers who live on the premises for added peace-of-mind and safe storage assurances.
  • An electronically controlled gate that provides two safeguards: The first safeguard requires each customer to enter a personal code for access; the second safeguard disarms and re-arms a customer’s individual unit when they enter personal code after entering or exiting our secure storage facility. This degree of security is unique to our Ashland storage and minimizes risks associated with using other Ashland storage facilities.​