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ashland-secure-storage-sizes-and-prices.jpgWe offer six storage unit sizes to accommodate different needs and different budgets. Here is an overview of the sizes and prices we offer:

Unit Size Monthly  
5' x 10'
$​​60 Reserve Unit
10' x 10'
$​​90 Reserve Unit
10' x 15'
$​​115 Reserve Unit
10' x 20'
$​142 Reserve Unit
10' x 25'
$​​160 Reserve Unit
10' x 30'
$​​180 Reserve Unit
Cleaning Deposit $20

With so many lifestyles in Ashland, one self-storage unit size does not fit all. This is why Secure Storage offers so many unit size choices and prices to match your storage needs while also fitting your budget. Whether you need temporary storage or a place to store large items, such as furniture, Secure Storage has a variety of storage spaces for you. Our unit sizes go from 5x10 to 10x30 with corresponding prices. Our smaller storage units are perfect for giving you more closet or bedroom space. Our larger spaces offer storage for storing furniture and other large items.

  • A 5x10 storage unit is 50 square feet of space. A 5x10 can be considered a mini storage unit. These can typically fit the contents of a medium-sized bedroom, dorm room or studio apartment.

  • A 10x10 unit is 100 square feet and is perfect for a one-bedroom apartment (not including large appliances) or two medium-sized bedrooms.

  • A 10x15 unit is 150 square feet that can hold up to three bedrooms’ worth of items, or the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. The 10x15 sized unit is popular for business storage. Many people use this sized storage unit as an office storage space for supplies, seasonal decorations, and promotional/event booths.

  • A 10x20 unit is 200 square feet of space. This unit can fit the contents of a two-bedroom home with appliances and include miscellaneous items. This size of the unit can be used for indoor car storage as it is the similar size of a one-car garage.
  • A 10x30 unit is 300 square feet. This size of rental space is convenient for both household and commercial storage.

Depending on the size of storage you need to store your valuables, you can contact one of our on-site managers to help you find the right self-storage unit.

Do you need storage in Ashland, OR? We can hold a storage unit for you!

 Call our Ashland Storage Units at (541) 482-2855 to reserve a storage unit today or reserve a storage unit online. If you need a later start date, just contact our office manager to make arrangements. We hope you consider Secure Storage for all of your self-storage needs!​

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  • 5 out of 5 stars
    This is a great place to have a storage unit at. It is very well kept, clean and safe. The staff are always friendly, caring, helpful and extremely genuine. It was a pleasure renting from Secure Storage in Ashland.


  • 4 out of 5 stars
    I think you guys are great! The reason I gave an 8 instead of ten is that last year my things were covered with a ton of dust after a few months not just a normal amount. Could have been from the fires? I don't know.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Well run facility. Clean and efficiently managed.