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Student Storage in Ashland, Oregon: Avoid Ongoing Shipping Costs

ashland-student-storage.jpgCollege storage is a great idea for college students who need to store their personal belongings while at school or away on break. With the Southern Oregon University (SOU) campus only four minutes away, we help out many students who need convenient student self-storage. And when we say convenient, we mean 24/7 day access from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with the added convenience of online and mobile device payment options.

Affordable Storage Units For Students 

Many students who are moving to Ashland attending SOU choose to store their things in our student storage to avoid the high cost of shipping seasonal items back and forth from home to school. Having the items close by is more practical for them and their families. Our most popular units for storage are either the 5x10 or the 10x10. 

Looking for extra space for college? Whether you have a few items, furniture, or need to store several boxes worth of belongings, Secure Storage can provide the perfect solution for your college storage needs. Make your college experience the best it can be. Don't let storage issues get you down, store your dorm furniture, bikes, and more with Secure Storage in Ashland!

Looking for a student storage company for just the summer or all-year round? Secure Storage offers everything you need at our Ashland, OR location. Reserve Online Now!