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Costume and Prop Storage in Ashland, Oregon

ashland-theater-storage.jpgThe Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) has certainly made a name for itself over the span of more than 30 years. As one of the oldest and largest professional non-profit theaters in the nation, it brings not only  thousands of tourists to Ashland each year but also hundreds of theater professionals. Artists, actors, directors and other stage professionals who need theatre storage, prop storage and costume storage.

Temporary Storage for Theater Professionals 

Because of OSF’s eight-and-a-half-month season, our Ashland storage is in demand for temporary storage that conveniently and safely protects any extra sound and lighting equipment or unique costumes and props. Rest assured, Ashland Self Storage has you covered for all of your theater storage needs.

 How to Store Costumes

For long-lasting use, there are a number of preparations that should be made for keeping costumes in storage. These simple ​steps can prepare your costumes for future use and preserve their lifespan in and out of storage. Here are some tips for storing costumes:

  • Before storing, make sure that all costume pieces are completely dry. Cleaning is often necessary after an event or performance, and , articles that are still even slightly damp could cause mold to form and irreparable damage to the materials
  • Be mindful of lines that could form by folding. This can be prevented by inserting muslin or similar material where clothing naturally folds

  • Consider padding hangers to prevent stress on fabric

  • Avoid plastic bags, such as from the dry cleaners. These bags contain chemicals that are  harmful to costume materials over time

  • When storing costumes in garment bags, such as a wedding dress, avoid overstuffing. Let the materials hang as free as possible to avoid creasing

  • For folded items, use acid-free tissue or cotton to line trunks or other containers. Use wood oils to repel insects and keep the cloth smelling fresh. You can also use silica gel packets to absorb moisture

  • Organization can eliminate frustration when it is time to pull out costumes for the next dress rehearsal. Keep all accessories and pieces together per container if possible

  • Avoid using mothballs, they are known to be toxic. Use wood oils or cedar chips instead

  • If storing costumes for long periods of time, consider airing them out periodically to prevent mildew or other mold buildup​


 Keep Your Props and Costumes Safe and Secure

 With Secure Storage, you will never have to worry where you are keeping your assets stored. Our clean, well-protected storage units are a great solution for storing costumes and props. Whether you need a temporary solution or extra space for longer periods of time, Secure Storage in Ashland is an excellent choice.

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