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Make the Most of Your Self Storage Unit, Storage Tips in Ashland, OR


Whether you’re moving from house to house, clearing out your possessions for remodeling, or simply finding a place for an excess of items, getting a self storage unit can make your life considerably easier. Indoor storage facilities provide a high degree of security and convenience, allowing you to keep your items safe until you need them and access them quickly at that point. But if you really want to get the most out of your self storage unit, you have to make sure you’re using it as effectively and safely as possible. The following storage tips will help you do just that, no matter what the items are or how long you’re storing them for:

Storage Tip 1: Determine What Size of Storage Unit You Need 

Most homeowners and other self storage customers assume they know what size facility they need. It’s only when actually comparing different self storage options that they realize they can’t easily translate square feet into practical storage space. It’s essential that you have an idea of what you can put in a given amount of space, starting with:

  • 50 Square Feet- The smallest available storage units come in this size, which is roughly equivalent to a mid-sized bedroom.

  • 100 Square Feet- This unit can hold everything that would fit into two mid-sized bedrooms or everything in a one-bedroom apartment other than major appliances.

  • 150 Square Feet- This can hold everything in a one-bedroom apartment or the contents of three bedrooms.

  • 200 Square Feet- A unit of this size can hold as much as a one-car garage can.

  • 250 Square Feet- This type of storage unit is good for everything that you might put in a three-bedroom home.

  • 300 Square Feet- A storage unit like this can hold everything from a relatively large house.
    The better you understand self storage sizes, the easier it is to pick the perfect unit. You can then find a place for all your possessions without paying for space you don’t use.


Storage Tip 2: Know How to Store Your Items 

Besides determining how much space you need, you have to know the specific features of what you’re storing. Such features include:

  • Perishability- Food, beverages, and other items that can decay need to be stored in airtight, climate-controlled indoor storage units. You may also want to limit the total amount of time you store them.

  • Stackability- To make the most of the space you rent, you want to be able to stack items inside of it. You then need to figure out whether your items can safely be placed underneath one another. If not, you’ll need to put them in boxes that will keep them safe when you stack them.

  • Collapsibility- Besides stacking, you’ll want to disassemble or collapse beds, furniture, and other large items, if it’s possible to do so. If it isn’t, you will have to be very careful about storing them in a way that leaves sufficient space.

Storage Tip 3: Making the Most of Your Storage Space 

To make the most of your storage space, it's important to organize your valuables in a fashion that will make them easy to find again. We recommend:

  • Keep in mind what items you will most likely need access to, important in front, less in back

  • Try to create an aisle, if necessary, between items so you can get to the back

  • Stacking is helpful to create more space, heaviest items on the bottom, lightest on top

  • Disassembling furniture also conserves space, if you are really creative, you could try placing small items in drawers or other containers
  • Using labels will help you remember what is in each box, saving you frustration on return trips

Secure Storage helps you comply with these tips and all other strategies for secure, effective storage. To learn more or get a storage unit for your own items, contact our onsite Ashland, OR managers today with any storage-related questions.